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KVFD Intro and History

The Karns Volunteer Fire Department has been proudly serving an area of 65 square miles in four communities in Northwest Knox County since 1978. There are four fire stations strategically located in Karns, Ball Camp, Hardin Valley and Solway. We provide fire protection, emergency medical first-response, hazardous materials response, rescue support, and public education for over 40,000 residents and businesses.

Until 2001 our department was strictly a "volunteer" fire department. This meant that members of the community volunteered their service for fire and EMS aid; and community households and businesses sent voluntary donations to support the fire department. In 2001 we transitioned to a Combination fire department when we hired our first paid firefighters. Today, we have grown to a full-time staff of 10 paid firefighters. These firefighters serve you 24/7 along with our volunteer firefighters.

In 2010, our department had to change our funding means. We implemented a mandatory membership program, in lieu of donations. By doing so, we have been able to achieve many goals that had been set for many years.

As of August 8, 2014, the Karns Fire Department has increased the level of emergency medical care that we provide to our communities. We now have an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Engine Company, located at Station #1, which affords us the ability to perform a higher level of care for life threatening events such as: cardiac emergencies, strokes, respiratory emergencies, diabetic emergencies, and traumatic injuries. Along with a Paramedic staffed on Engine #1, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have monitoring equipment and medicines that allow us to immediately start definitive care in those life threatening situations. Also, this allows us to transmit crucial cardiac information to the receiving emergency room staff members in order to provide the highest level of continuity in patient care.

Karns Fire opened a Headquarters Office to handle the department's business affairs and in the Hardin Valley community, a new state of the art fire house opened in late March 2013. Early 2012, we purchased our newest engine which is currently housed at 6616 Beaver Ridge Rd, Station One.

When you have an emergency - call 911. Karns Fire responds to all types of emergencies. Here are just a few that you will find our engines on:

  1. Medical Emergencies/Medical Assists
  2. Hazmat - Hazardous Materials
  3. Fire Alarms/Residential & Commercial structure fires
  4. Carbon Monoxide Checks
  5. Motor Vehicle Accidents

When 911 is called for any emergency, our fire engine responds with a trained staff to assist your medical or fire emergency needs. Most of the time, the ambulance company is first to arrive, however, our firemen/women are trained to assist the ambulance crew and will do so if needed. There may be times when our fire engine arrives first- remember, we are trained medical professionals and can assist your emergency needs.

Karns VFD gains ALS certification

Karns VFD Gains ALS Certification Image

Up until now, you'd have to wait on the ambulance to show up for full medical care. But not anymore. Karns Fire Department station one can now do almost everything an ambulance can do.

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